Week of Thursday, Jul 25

type rfc # title date status
bip X New BIP: Logarithm of transaction fee limits block size 2019-07-20 Update
bip X BIP-XXXX: Signet 2019-07-20 Update
bolt routing gossip [WIP] BOLT 7: Inventory-based gossip 2019-07-20 Update
bolt routing gossip BOLT07: correct gossip_timestamp_range to gossip_timstamp_filter 2019-07-19 Merged
bolt routing gossip BOLT07: Inventory Gossip 2019-07-19 Update
bolt X BOLT #7: Correct indentation typo in channel_update message 2019-07-19 Update
bolt X CONTRIBUTING.md: first draft of how to write and change spec. 2019-07-19 Update
bolt X option_static_remotekey: first draft. 2019-07-19 Update
bolt X Simple tooling fixes 2019-07-19 New PR
bolt X Base AMP 2019-07-19 Update
bolt onion routing bolt04: Variable `hop_payload` for the sphinx onion 2019-07-19 Update
slip X add Xchain application 2019-07-20 New PR