The Eltoo proposal, brought back another proposal by Joseph Poon on february 2016 about SIGHASH_NOINPUT. Noinput is a sighash flag that does not include the input TXID, TX index or amount of coins, while including the spent output’s script.

We have long known that SIGHASH_NOINPUT would be a great fit for Lightning. They enable simple watch-towers, i.e., outsource the need to watch the blockchain for channel closures, and react appropriately if our counterparty misbehaves. In addition to this we just released the eltoo [3,4] paper which describes a simplified update mechanism that can be used in Lightning, and other off-chain contracts, with any number of participants.

By not committing to the previous output being spent by the transaction, we can rebind an input to point to any outpoint with a matching output script and value. The binding therefore is no longer explicit through a reference, but through script compatibility, and the transaction ID reference in the input is a hint to validators. The sighash flag is meant to enable some off-chain use-cases and should not be used unless the tradeoffs are well-known. In particular we suggest using contract specific key-pairs, in order to avoid having any unwanted rebinding opportunities.

This allows 3rd party users to check transactions without needing to have the full history, one can just provide a signature that encompasses all prior states, which enables user nodes to go offline delegating this signature to a 3rd party to keep watch on the blockchain. This new sighash will be enabled mostly on segwit addresses as it provides sufficient transaction malleability to discourage improperly using it.

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