Replacing the full blockchain with recent history and UTXO Set

One of the most exhausting and expensive things about operating a full Bitcoin node is its storage requirements, currently it resides at 190 gigabytes, up from almost 86 gigabytes 2 years ago, and with more adoption and more transactions, that number will just keep on going.

A proposal was placed to allow some full nodes to replace the full blockchain with just the UTXO set and some recent history, this greatly reduces the storage needed to run a full node but doesn’t give the full history of the blockchain, and as such you are relying on the fact that other full nodes will not lie about any data they give you, and that when enough people agree that this set is true then you also agree that this set is true.

This is not a replacement for full nodes and is not meant to be, running a full node will forever be the thing to do to support Bitcoin, but if you can’t do that, this can be the next best thing!

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