Proposal for "local" channel announcements

As we all know, Lightning network is a network of channels between nodes and as the channels are public, every node keeps a map of all the channels and thus all of the routes, more adoption means more public nodes which means every node will have to keep a significant amount of data on the map of Lightning.

A solution to this was private channels, private channels are a way of communication between two nodes that is not broadcast to the entire network. On a private channels if I receive a payment from a node I am pretty sure it came from this node, not any other node.

A scheme to increase this deniability of payments was proposed by developer Rusty Russels on the lightning-dev mailing list, he called it a “local” channel announcement which only goes one hop. A local channel announcement would contain signatures from both nodes, a channel id and a node id with other data like features and chain hash.

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