Lnd Experiencing Common Server Issues

An issue that commonly prevents the layman-coder from hosting a website from their home is the changing IP addresses of home networks. Over the years, many workarounds have been developed that usual rely on a home server communicating with a static host, which updates the home server’s IP address, thus redirecting traffic to a new IP. The same issue of changing IP addresses is a challenge for the Lighting Network.

An issue was posted via LND Issues:

This public IP changes from time to time, lnd node continues working but active channels and peers drop and I have to stop client and launch again.

According to github user Stadicus:

I can confirm that changing external ip addresses are the single most asked questdion in combination with my RaspiBolt guide. @Roasbeef, I don’t think the requirement to have a fixed ip address to be able to route payments should just be assumed. At least in Europe fixed ip addresses are only available with business ISP contracts that are quite expensive. I think this goes directly against the goal to have a decentralized mesh network by raising the barriers to entry for non-business participants.

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