Liquid Block explorer

Liquid Network is a multi-asset settlement network that links together cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers around the world, one of the core uses of Liquid is fast, secure and confidential transfer of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is first pegged to the liquid network by sending it to a Bitcoin wallet generated in their Liquid Wallet, this enables them to transact using L-BTC without using on chain Bitcoin transactions.

To accelerate Liquid’s adoption, Blockstream, the company behind Liquid, released the Liquid Block explorer.

Just like Bitcoin’s own explorer the Liquid explorer shows information related to the peg-in transaction, confirmations, fees and the associated Bitcoin address. Along with other technical details like the unlocking script.

Unlike Bitcoin’s block explorer, Liquid does not show the amounts or asset types to the public as they are cryptographically hidden, only transacting participants can unlock this information by using a “Blinding Key”. This key is shared between transacting parties and any third party members like auditors.

Liquid’s Bitcoin sidechain aims to help cryptocurrency exchanges transfer Bitcoin between them with less fees involved, which ultimately aims to decrease the fees for traders.


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