Lightning DDOS - Hundreds of Nodes Taken Offline

Lightning network nodes were getting DDOSd this past week, a user on slack called “bitPico” took the credit behind the attack, but this might not be just mischeavous acting, as members of the lightning community are saying this is actually good testing to the network.

As lightning is still a new protocol it needs to have robust real world testing before we can see applications running on it, bitPico commented that the attack was draining 3.3 GBs of data from lightning network nodes per hour and that there was 44 attacks being performed every 80 milliseconds, he also explained that this could be caused by the nodes keeping inbound connections alive therefore by increasing the connections to the node the node will then probably crash as it can’t handle all the connections.

[slack] bitPico on lightning DDOS

The attack took about 200 nodes offline, as the current nodes are about 1450 nodes, this is quite a large percentage of the nodes running, but as a new protocol we can always expect to find bugs and software imperfections. Later this week lightning developer Alex Bosworth was testing a penalty scenario that may help in providing peer to peer deployment strategies to further sustain the network from attacks.

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