Ledger Blue Firmware and Availability Updates

The hardware wallet maker Ledger published news regarding the next firmware update for the ledger blue, their premium hardware wallet released after the Nano S, which recieved only one firmware update since it’s launch :

Despite being a premium hardware wallet – the Blue received just one firmware update, as the Nano S received three. Rightly, many members of our community have been wondering about the future of the Ledger Blue, and asking us when we will build out new features through firmware updates. We’re sorry we kept you waiting so long

They also announced that the next firmware update 2.1 will be available on June 14th:

The 2.1 firmware update for the Ledger Blue will be available on June 14th. This update will address security issues that were identified on the Nano S in the 1.4.2 firmware release, and will also add a number of features, including:

  • Passphrase management
  • New cryptographic libraries
  • New cryptocurrency apps (similar to the Nano S)

    The firmware update will be available on the Ledger Manager, and will require an update both to the Secure Element (SE) and Microcontroller (MCU). This update will also require a wipe of the seed, requiring you to have access to the 24 words backup. Bluetooth functionality will not be enabled on this firmware release.

We’d like to say thank you for our many Ledger Blue customers for their patience as we’ve worked on this update.

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