Introducing Bolt-a-Thon: The World S First Virtual Lightning Network Conference and Hackathon

The world’s first virtual Lightning Network conference and Hackaton is being organized on April 5-7 1019, anywhere in the world.

Winners of the hackathon will win the following prizes: 1st place = 0.3 BTC, 2nd = 0.2 BTC, 3rd = 0.1 BTC.


The event will feature workshops from people like Rusty Russell, Alex Bosworth, Pierre Rochard, Rockstar Dev, and Lightning Koala. Even if you are not a developer, there are sessions that non-coders would gain a lot from. For example, Pierre will be showing people how to launch their own Lightning node. So you could try and follow along from the comfort of your own home!


We are only receiving payments in Lightning Bitcoin. Don’t have a Lightning node? Don’t worry! You can submarine swap on-chain Bitcoin payments into Lightning Bitcoin courtesy of Alex Bosworth.


  • Hackathon: A 1000 satoshi “proof of node” payment is required.
  • Conference: Each speaker session will be $10. We will be hosting 10 speakers. This is a far cry from other conferences where you have to pay $1000 or even $399 PLUS have to pay for housing and travel. And the best part is, you can attend anonymously!

The BTW team will be covering this event. Stay tuned for more Lightning fun to come.

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