GMO Reveals 24 Terahash Miner

Right on time, the Japanese company GMO revealed their consumer grade miner. The miner has been dubbed “B2” and according to GMO:

We will mass-produce the world’s first mining machine equipped with ASIC mining chips using a cutting-edge 7 nm… GMO miner B2s sold in June will be shipped starting at the end of October 2018.

The B2 miner boasts the following features:

  • ASIC mining chips “GMO 72b” using a cutting-edge 7 nm process technology
  • Each mining hardware unit will have a performance of 24 TH/s: saving space and lightening the burden of installing the mining hardware

Each GMO miner B2 unit will have a performance of 24 TH/s (24 trillion computations per second), and more hash power compared to many of the existing mining machines that are currently available.

  • We can connect up to 32 GMO miner B2s by daisy chain: reduces network equipment cost to as low as 155 of the cost of using mining machine from other manufacturers
  • Power consumption drawing 81 W per 1 TH/s, achieving a massive power reduction of a maximum of 20% compared to mining machine from other manufacturers
  • Additional features:
  • Power supply unit (PSU)
    • Voltage requirements: 200 V (100-240 V; tentative)
  • Supports online update of software
  • Online monitoring of mining operations (with API)
  • Supports online detection as an anti-theft measure
  • Automated temperature sensors
    • Adjust hash rate automatically if the abnormal temperature is detected to prevent the machine from overheating
  • Customers are able to join the mining pool “GMO POOL”
  • 180-day guarantee period (customers will have to pay for the repair after the warranty is expired)

The miners may be found for pre-order (applications) at GMO’s mining product site.

By September, the Bitcoin proof of work algorithm will be computed by machines of three different companies, across the world in homes and industrial mining farms. The rapid change of the mining market’s landscape is a function of ordinary technological adoption. The diversification of manufacturers ought to take the quantifiable form of parabolic curve before tapering off. While other other cryptocurrencies have fumbled with rapid, unplanned, napkin-math changes to their POW algorithms as a response to centralization or industrial grade computing, the laissiz-faire approach of the Bitcoin developers has lead to decentralized manufacturing without an single line of code being changed.

GMO Mining Website

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