Drivechain Proposals for Bitcoin Sidechains

Paul Sztorc posted two proposals for sidechains including an implementation.

The drivechain idea was presented as two concepts. Quote:

1. The “hashrate escrow” which allows users to make their transactions vulnerable to reduced-security SPV proofs.

2. The “blind merged mining” idea which is basically a modern version of merged-mining that is specialized in order to make asymmetric sidechains as tame as possible.

Many comments have already been submitted in the thread but no BIP number have been assigned yet. Some feedback from other teams implementing sidechains might be needed, as Matt Corallo answered:

Process note: It looks like the BIPs have never been posted to bitcoin-dev, only high-level discussion around the idea. As I understand it, this is not sufficient for BIP number assignment nor (realistically) sufficient to call it a hard “proposal” for a change to consensus rules.

Would love to get feedback from some others who are looking at deploying real-world sidechains, eg the RSK folks. We can’t end up with two protocols for sidechains in Bitcoin.

Proposal Links:

And the reference implementations:

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