Samurai Wallet's Collaborative Transactions - “Cahoots”

Samourai Wallet is introducing Collaborative Transactions (Coohoots). This features two types of transactions based on the idea of collaborating with other parties and inspired from Greg Maxwell’s idea of nested/embedded transactions.

STONEWALLx2 transaction involves the use of a second party’s UTXO set in addition to yours in order to compose a transaction. This results in a “high entropy mini CoinJoin” transaction when sending to a third party. It is an improvement on the initial STONEWALL transaction and handy for mixing on demand when sending to any third party by enlisting the help of a privacy conscious friend.

A Stowaway on the other hand is a brand new transaction built on the Cahoots. Unlike a STONEWALL, it is meant to mimic a typical Bitcoin transaction with two inputs and outputs. However, it conceals the amount sent so that a third party cannot see it on the blockchain. Stowaway also only permits transactions to the same person you are collaborating with and so is ideal for mixing when paying your privacy conscious friend.

Cahoots is still under development and is only available in Samurai Wallet as an easter egg for power users. Full instructions for using collaborative Cahoots transactions are available here and here.


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