Braiins OS: Open Source Alternative to Bitcoin Mining Firmware

The company behind SlushPool announced the first release of its Open Source ASIC miner firmware called Braiin OS.

Braiins OS is the very first fully open-source, Linux based system for cryptocurrency embedded devices. Now enabling AsicBoost. Finally, you know exactly what’s running on your device, have the ability to customize it in any way and benefit from major functionality tweaks enabled by a continuous development and updates.

Highlight of the features:

  • Seamless firmware updates using a standard POKG package.
  • The project is built on top of the Open Source linux distribution OpenWrt famous for running open source firmwares on routers.
  • Already supports Antminer S9 and DragonMint T1, support for more devices to come like SBCc including bitcoin & lightning software.
  • Build tool available to create custom images.
  • Offers a full mining firmware suite including monitoring, error handling and performance data.
  • Overt AsicBoost support which may lower energy consumption by up to 20%.

This was a long awaited development in the mining scene as it allows anyone to easily deploy mining ASICs on a full Open Source stack without trusting any third party with proprietary firmware. It will also help avoid scenarios were miners unknowingly run mining software with a hostile incentive to the general consensus.

If you missed the drama last year, covert AsicBoost was one of the reasons for the unwillingness of some major miners to upgrade to SegWit which was partly the cause to the Bitcoin UASF (user activated softfork) and Bitcoin Cash hardfork.

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