Bitcoin Full Validation Sync Performance: Testing full sync of five Bitcoin node implementations.

As far as Bitcoin wallets are concerned, running a full, self validating node is the safest and most reliable way to keep track of transactions. However, the performance of node implementations may vary so Jameson Lopp ran a test on five different implementations to compare performance.

The result showed Bitcoin Core 0.17 took 5 hours and 11 minutes to sync. Libbitcoin Node 3.2.0 took 20 hours and 24 minutes, Bitcoin 1.0.2 took 27 hours and 32 minutes, Parity Bitcoin (no release) took 38 hours and 17 minutes while BTCD 0.12.0 took 95 hours, 12 minutes.

Although all tests were run on the same computer, other factors such as varying network speed may have contributed to some of the differences in performances.

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