Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 release candidate 3 available

This is a release candidate for a new minor release and the preliminary release notes can be found here. Users are welcome to make tests and report problems to ensure the quality of the final release.

The following changes have been made since rc2.

  • Add descriptor reference documentation.
  • test: Add test for config file parsing errors.
  • util: Report parse errors in configuration file
  • docx: Change documentation form =0 for non-boolean options
  • fix walletcreatefundedpsbt derive paths, add test
  • Use assert when running from multithreaded code as BOOST_CHECK_* are not thread safe
  • qa: Stop txindex thread before calling destructor
  • docx: Fix help message typo options -> optional

The binaries for Bitcoin Core version 0.17.0rc3 is now available here. The source code can also be found on Github.

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