Announcing the Casa Lightning Node

Lightning network, though a good way to reduce “transaction traffic” on the blockchain to make transactions faster, can be a bit of headache to set up especially for users without technological knowledge.

Casa Lightning Node presents an easy way of connecting to the lightning network in a way that is different from the traditional network with a few advantages attached that make it easy for anyone to use.

First, it is the first “plug-and-play” Lightning Network node that has been released to public users without need for coding experience on the part of the user. It is also pre-synced with the full Bitcoin blockchain for fast connectivity without reliance on the Casa servers.

Instead of coding, the Casa Lightning network node presents a web-based interface for even the least technologically knowledgeable users. It also offers some privileges enjoyed only by full nodes which include making and receiving payments, opening and closing of custom channels with other nodes as well as boosting of liquidity with autopilot channel management.

More information on the product can be found on the company’s node page and new information release will be available there as well.

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