A Week of Lightning Apps

Blockstream started a week of Lightning Apps to introduce people to new Lightning apps built on top of Lightning Charge, a micropayment processing system that makes it simple to build apps on top of Lightning.

Welcome to the week of LApps! Blockstream is introducing seven new Lightning apps (LApps), one per day, over the course of the next week. The first LApp is FileBazaar, an app that enables Lightning micropayments for creators who are producing digital files like photos, videos, or documents.

Here is a list of LAPPs showcased so far:

  • FileBazaar, an ecommerce tool for content creators that produce digital files like images, music or videos. It allows the content viewer to sneak a preview of the file and only allows them to view or download the whole file after a micro payment to the creator.

  • Lightning publisher for WordPress, as Blockstream already works on a WooCommerce payment integration, Lightning Publisher offers writers a chance to monetize their articles by offering a preview to the readers and only allowing them to view the full content after a micro payment to the writer.

  • Paypercall, a Lightning application for developers that allows them to monetize their APIs, so if you have a service you are offering to other developers, instead of the old free/premium model, Paypercall allows you to charge a micro payment each time a developer calls your API.

  • Nanopos, a streamlined point of sale system, it allows offline business to accept bitcoin in return for small services or items, vendors configure a file with the selection of items they got, each of them linked to a specific QR code and all you have to do is scan the code and confirm the lightning payment and you’re ready to go!

Lightning will allow a stream of applications to go online using cheap and effective micro payments, we’re looking forward to what other developers might think of.

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