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c-lightning v0.9.2

We're pleased to announce the 0.9.2 release of c-lightning, named by Sergi Delgado.

This is a significant release with new CLI-level notifications, better channel state reporting, and stable plugin-hook call ordering.

Note that as of this release c-lightning-generated PSBTs are only considered valid by bitcoind v0.20.1 and above.

Did you know: c-lightning deprecates features with 6 months warning, and you can set allow-deprecated-apis=false to test?

Highlights for Users

  • We now keep track of channel closure rationales. Wonder "why did my channel close" no more. All channel state changes are now listed in listpeers's state_changes.
  • NEW CLI/RPC notifications! Tired of waiting for close to finish without getting any updates? With notifications, the close command will publish notifications (think CLI status updates) for slow closes. Must have allow-deprecated-apis set to false for these to work.
  • New optional argument commitment_feerate on the multifundchannel command. This is useful for setting one feerate for the funding transaction and another for the channel commitment transactions.
  • Two new commands added to hsmtool!
    • generatehsm allows you to create an HSM hsm_secret from a BIP39 pass phrase. (Note that due to c-lightning's current seed derivation process, wallet addresses aren't standard 'BIP39 to BIP32' compliant. Which is a fancy way of saying your pass phrase isn't portable to other, non-clightning wallets.)
    • dumponchaindescriptors will output the xpub for the HD wallet master key. This will let you track swept c-lightning wallet funds – anchor outputs and unswept channel outputs won't be visible until swept.
  • The starting feerate for mutual closes has been reduced to 'slow', to avoid overpayment.
  • In-memory log buffer now is 10MB, down from 100MB.

Highlights for the Network

  • We no longer support receiving full gossip from ancient LND nodes
  • Fixed re-transmission order of multiple new HTLCS. This was causing channel closures with LND.

Highlights for Developers

  • Plugin hook call ordering. Hooks can now specify that they must be called 'before' or 'after' other plugins.
  • pyln-client will handle and send RPC command notifications.
  • pyln-proto now includes a pure python implementation of the sphinx onion creation and processing.
  • PostgresSQL key-value DSNs now supported.
  • Plugin hook htlc_accepted can now return a custom failure_onion.

More details can be found at

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and bug reports; please keep them coming.

Since 0.9.1, we've had 321 commits from 15 different authors over ~58 days, an average commit rate of 5.5344 commits per day.

A special thanks goes to the 4 first time contributors:

  • YOSHIDA Masanori @siburu
  • @grubles
  • Jordi Montes @positiveblue
  • @lakshit24

Cheers, Lisa, Christian, Rusty, ZmnSCPxj

ledger-live-common v17.1.0
ledger-live-common v17.0.4
  • bugfixes in cosmos error ids
  • small refinement in satstack logic, better errors, check in prepareTransaction
ledger-live-common v17.0.3
  • XRP fixes
ledger-live-common v17.0.2
  • XRP fixes
  • naming: SatsStack -> SatStack
ledger-live-common v17.0.1
ledger-live-common v17.0.0

Complete countervalues rework

This is a breaking changes.

We have completely reworked the way countervalues logic works as well as moved to a new Countervalues API. It have better performance, better accuracy and coverage of countervalues. We fixes through this many known issues like some fiat support missing (AUD for instance), many erc20 countervalues price missing, hole or peaks in the data,… We also add some features like hourly granularity.

Technically, everything has changed: we no longer are expecting the user land to have redux and this logic can in fact be used (and is used) by the CLI. In term of React integration, we have defined some React hooks to solve classical usecases (like calculating countervalues).

This will be documented soon in

You can see these PRs as reference: - live-common - live-desktop - live-mobile

quit app logic

The quit app mechanism is now active by default for everyone. During device flows, the device will automatically quit the app when another app is needed (e.g. receive,send,add accounts) or when we need the dashboard (e.g. manager). It makes the whole experience really smooth in worse case scenario: if my device is in the Litecoin app and i need to add Bitcoin accounts, the only thing i need to do on my device is to accept the opening of Bitcoin. If the device is locked, we also will correctly handle the fact that it would get correctly restored and potentially would automatically close Bitcoin and intent-open again in case of 0x6f04 which can happen when device is locked (it's a tradeoff until firmapps address it).

Algorand fixes

To fix LL-3497, we made sure that optimistic operations were working for ASA transactions. This also shall make the parent transaction a "FEE" operation.

ripple-lib upgrade

We have upgraded ripple-lib. No changes expected, things should work as normally.


  • update eth-sig-util
  • bot fixes
ledger-live-desktop v2.17.1

🚀 Features

  • Sell Bitcoin through our partner.
  • Added countervalues to the summary when sending crypto.

🐛 Fixes

  • Remove BCH fork banner.
  • Various improvements in user experience.
ledger-live-desktop v2.17.0 2020-11-18
ledgerjs v5.33.0
ledgerjs v5.32.1
Fixes flowtype
ledgerjs v5.32.0
hw-app-eth: Add Starkex v2 API. ( )
ledgerjs v5.31.1
  • rollback node-hid version ( node-hid/node-hid#398 (comment) )
ledgerjs v5.31.0
ledgerjs v5.30.0

ETH 2 deposit contract API (@ledgerhq/hw-app-eth)


  • eth2GetPublicKey(path: string, boolDisplay?: boolean): Promise<{ publicKey: string }>
  • eth2SetWithdrawalIndex(withdrawalIndex: number): Promise<boolean>


  • update flow, rollup, uglify-js, typescript
BTC Pay Server v1.0.6.0

Important security fix

  • Due to a privacy leak vulnerability, users of the payment button are strongly encouraged to update as soon as possible.

New features

  • Add QR code scan/show for PSBT + Import wallet via QR spec (supported by Cobo vault / Blue wallet) (#1931)
  • Checkout experience: Unified QR Code for on-chain and offchain payment (ref #2060) (@rockstardev)
  • Greenfield: Clean webhook API github-like (ref #2058) (@NicolasDorier @Kukks)
  • Greenfield: Can query invoice payment data (@Kukks)
  • Allow users to select block explorers from a list or specify their own URL (@Kukks)
  • Allow disabling live notifications globally and disabling specific notifications per user (ref #1991) (@Kukks)
  • Allow custom redirect_url for PoS (ref #1924) (@mariodian)
  • A new experimental plugin system (@Kukks)


  • UI: Make store setup more intuitive (ref #2011) (@dennisreimann @dstrukt)
  • UI: Improve payment request design (ref #2011) (@dennisreimann @dstrukt) (ref #2011) (@dennisreimann @dstrukt)
  • UI: Improve pull payments design (ref #2011) (@dennisreimann @dstrukt)
  • UI: Improvement of the modal checkout overlay (see this comment) (@dennisreimann)
  • BTCPay Server vault operations can now be retried without having to refresh the page (@NicolasDorier)
  • UX: Warning and hint system for stores not completely set up (@dennisreimann @rockstardev)
  • Greenfield (Breaking change): Invoice state renamed Confirmed/Complete to Settled. (@NicolasDorier)
  • Greenfield (Breaking change): Invoice state renamed Paid to Processing. (@NicolasDorier)
  • Breaking change: Remove SQLite as the default database option (@Kukks)
  • UI: Make sure transaction labels display correctly when there are many (ref #2076) (@ubolator)
  • UI: Properly center payment button content (@ubolator)
  • UI: Improvement of the lightning node info view (ref #2066) (@dennisreimann)
  • Share the link of a pay button so one can embed in a QR code (fix #635) (@Kukks)
  • Checkout experience: Make QR codes with bech32 uppercase again (@rockstardev)
  • Add warning if the merchant setup invoice confirmation to zero conf (@ubolator)
  • Adds a warning to configure the e-mail server before "Requires a confirmation mail for registering" checkbox can be checked if e-mail server is not configured. (@ubolator)
  • Payment requests: Partially paid invoices are reused for future payments in payment requests. (@NicolasDorier)
  • API Keys UI: Properly align form items (@dennisreimann)
  • Wallets: By default, created PSBT were including previous transactions. Some hardware wallets ended up returning timeouts, so we reverted this decision. (@NicolasDorier)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix payment button page title (ref #1952) (@sgracia13)
  • Do not log the database connection string (@Kukks)
  • Payjoin: Use base64 instead of hex for BIP78 (fix #1984) (@Kukks)
  • If a password fail to be reset by mail, show proper error (fix #1986) (@NicolasDorier)
  • Email was not included in the invoice text search (@Kukks)
  • Greenfield: The create invoice route should not sending back generic errors if it fails (@dennisreimann)
  • Fix-up links which were ignoring custom root path (@ubolator)
  • Greenfield: Opening a channel with lightning was not working properly (ref #2054) (@dennisreimann)
  • Docs: Create invoice route was referencing the wrong type in the doc (@dennisreimann)
  • Payment Request user input rounding issue (ref #2014) (@Kukks)
  • In store settings, the create new token button was returning an error (@NicolasDorier)
  • Wallet: When clicking on the app's label of a transaction, an error 404 occured (@Kukks)
  • Checkout experience: If coinswitch was activated, the altcoin tab was missing (@Kukks)
  • If Email verification is turned off but you requested a forgot password form, it would ignore the request internally. (@Kukks)
  • Docs: Fix swagger format for dates (@Kukks)
  • Payjoin: Do not include maxadditionalfeecontribution if there is no change. (ref #2007) (@NicolasDorier)
  • Checkout: If an invoice accepting lightning payments was partially paid, the payment of the new lightning invoice was buggy. (@Kukks)


type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0078 BIP-0078: fix typo 2020-11-24 Update
bip bip-0330 Changes/clarifications to bip-330. 2020-11-21 Closed
bip bip-0330 BIP 330: Transaction announcements reconciliation 2020-11-21 Closed
bip X removed proprietary and por fields 2020-11-21 Closed
bip bip-0039 Adding Polish wordlist to BIP39 2020-11-20 Update
bip bip-0085 BIP85 - Add further application cases 2020-11-20 New PR
bip bip-0039 Add Persian wordlist to BIP39 2020-11-19 Update
bip bip-0002 BIP-0002: Update Rejection criteria to require there to be an actual … 2020-11-19 Update
bip bip-0034 BIP34 encoding clarification 2020-11-18 New PR
bip X added test vector #4 for invalid extended keys 2020-11-17 Update
bip X fixed typos 2020-11-16 Update
bip X Reject 116 (expired) 2020-11-16 Update
bip X Reject 98 (expired) 2020-11-16 Update
bip X Reject 199 (expired) 2020-11-16 Update
bip bip-0078 update Joinmarket BIP78 status 2020-11-16 Update
bip X add more tests for leading zero 2020-11-15 Update
bip X New BIP: Logarithm of transaction fee limits block size 2020-11-15 Update
bolt X Correct htlc witness size calculations 2020-11-27 Update
bolt X Add specs for offline payments 2020-11-26 Update
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2020/11/09 2020-11-23 Closed
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2020/11/23 2020-11-23 Update
bolt X Clarify relative order of some messages after reestablish 2020-11-23 Merged
bolt X commit_sig, revoke_and_ack ordering in channel reestablish flow 2020-11-23 Closed
bolt X Public key-based routing 2020-11-23 Update
bolt X Idea: Unbacked lightning channels (read more before panicking from the title) 2020-11-23 Update
bolt X Make invoice's `s` flag mandatory ? 2020-11-20 Update
bolt X DRAFT: Offers 2020-11-18 Update
bolt X make: add document generation with pandoc 2020-11-18 Update
bolt transactions BOLT 3: add test vectors for htlc-transactions in case where CLTV is used as tie-breaker for sorting 2020-11-18 Update
bolt X WIP: Tools: event tests 2020-11-18 Update
bolt X Proposal: Anonymous Invoices 2020-11-18 Closed
bolt X Require to claim revoked local output in its own penalty tx post-anchor 2020-11-17 Update
bolt X Route Blinding 2020-11-16 Update
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2020/10/26 2020-11-16 Closed
slip X add RentalChain 2020-11-27 Merged
slip X Add gentarium 2020-11-26 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add KLAY 2020-11-26 Merged
slip slip-0044 Update add ZooBC 2020-11-26 Merged
slip X Update FIO to official website 2020-11-24 Merged
slip slip-0044 SLIP-0044: Add TFUEL 2020-11-24 Merged
slip X Add Karura Network 2020-11-24 Merged
slip X Add Acala 2020-11-23 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: Fix typo. 2020-11-18 New PR
slip X Add BCHA 2020-11-17 Closed
slip slip-0044 Update 2020-11-16 Merged
slip X add SCAP 2020-11-15 Merged